Palace-Park Estate in Siary near Gorlice

This property is located in the south-eastern part of Poland, 135 km away from Krakow and 4 km from the center of the town of Gorlice.


This palace is located on expansive park-like grounds and belongs among the most beautiful examples of Viennese Art Nouveau in Poland.  From the windows and the terrace on the palace's southern side you may see the enchanting landscape of the surrounding countryside and the river Sekowka.  The area is extremely attractive at all  times of the year because of its wonderful climactic conditions (just the right amount of sunlight and air refreshened by gentle mountain breezes), as well as the proximity to numerous lake and mountains with ski lifts.


The historical palace building consists of 15 apartments (some of them with individual bathrooms), club rooms, seminar halls, a dining hall, and a large kitchen with storage areas.  The built-in antique cabinets and lamps add distinction and character to the property.  The total area is 1448 m2 including: 226.8 m2 for basements, 666.05 m2 for the first floor, and 595.84 m2 for the second floor. In addition to the palace building, the property includes six other commercial buildings, a residential building and a guard house located nearby.


The palace is surrounded by a park with an acreage of over 10 hectares.  The park's arboretum features 26 different species of trees.  A 300-year-old oak tree grows on an island of a small, enchanting lake.  The park is decorated with stylish elements of garden architecture and sculpture, including:


   - a pergola with a waterfall fountain and a set of sculptures;

   - a fountain with a mythological figure of the Sylen;

- a field altar with a figure of the Mother of God with the Child Jesus.

- sculptures of the Greek god Poseidon


Considering the features of the Estate's localization, size, and topography, as well as the possibility of further developing the property, the Palace-Park Estate in Siary has potential to become an exclusive resort for about 100 guests.with his entourage, near the lake.


Krzysztof Gaczorek -

tel. +48- 602-710-123